Take advantage of the best collaborative cloud tools with JIRA

Visual Management plays an essential role in the sharing of information between different teams of a project. This method, coming from Lean Management, based on visual perception, is a real revolution in the world of digitalization.

Profiter des meilleurs outils cloud collaboratifs avec JIRA

1- The difficulties of management with recent health crisis

The use of new technologies in business has accelerated the digital transformation. However, the increasing use of WFH (Work From Home) has revealed shortcomings in the IT infrastructure and management of companies.

In a traditional business model, the relationship between the manager and his team was more of a vertical one, with each person carrying out his own tasks without knowing the work of others. It is important to analyze the current economic landscape to be able to detect the challenges and opportunities of digitalization. This analysis is the starting point to develop a new management plan, which guarantees the development of a company.

This plan must address all the issues encountered, such as how to ensure a stable, reliable and secure connection between users, network and data, free from cyber attacks.

It also needs to know how to provide sufficient support to individual employees to facilitate collaboration and communication between them. Similarly, a company must evaluate the use of automation and its impact on repetitive tasks.

2 - The importance of collaborative cloud tools with JIRA

To promote collaboration within a company, managers have opted for more efficient agile methods that replace traditional ones, such as the waterfall project management method, also known as the “V-cycle”.

In order to succeed in this agile transformation, you can now rely on different tools that are ideal for sharing information between different employees.

JIRA is the management tool where you can plan, build and track your projects in one place, in a collaborative way. Compatible with a large number of tools on the market, the data can be visualized and processed directly in JIRA. You can create tickets and user stories or assign different tasks to your team members.

A migration to JIRA Cloud helps you to improve the productivity of your teams. You can plan, evaluate and test with JIRA Cloud, enriching your Atlassian products in the cloud.

At DC CONSULTANTS, our teams are available to advise you and help you during your migration to the cloud for a better project management. We offer consulting, training, deployment services to enrich your JIRA system.

Contact us for more information.

3- About us

DC CONSULTANTS is the pure-player agility consulting firm, which has been supporting companies in all sectors in managing their projects since 2013! For professionals and decision makers in charge of delivering projects and leading a Lean Agile or devops transformation, reduce their TTM, improve the quality of their products, DC CONSULTANTS offers consulting services, tools, training, with support of Agile Coaches, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Tools experts, etc. DC CONSULTANTS’ offer makes it possible to lean an agile transformation easily, to train, motivate and empower teams and to deliver projects more quickly and efficiently.

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