Managing tests in agile teams with XRay

Agile testing nowadays allows the quality of a software to be adapted to the conditions of any project.

XRay Test Management for Jira is one of the best test management tools, which have this capacity to meet the requirements of IT departments.

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1- Testing in agile transformation: what changes?

Agile testing is a new set of strategy and practices that allow Agile teams and Product Teams to monitor the quality of an agile software or application almost in real time. 

This method transforms the testers into guarantors so that the developed software is delivered with the desired quality. It is an activity that takes place in continuity, starting from the creation of the software until its delivery. 

Software often requires different types of tests, such as performance tests, scalability tests, integration tests, unit tests and many others. Each of these software tests provides excellent visibility into the functioning of the application. 

Today, in order to manage such a large number of tests, the XRay application integrates them with Jira

Thus, the objective of IT departments is to predict software defects, rather than detect them.

2 - How does XRay contribute to Agile testing activities?

The growth of the XRay application is the most interesting for the Jira system.

Advanced test management for Jira with XRay offers you and the IT department complete traceability. These iterative tests are also an integral part of the SDLC software development life cycle. They provide confidence in functionality, performance and user experience. 

Test automation is also an important feature of XRay. 

So, with advanced reports and good tool documentation, you can extract very essential data for your software development. 

Similarly, enabling automated linkage allows you to quickly and easily visualize which tests and executions generated bugs in your software.

Managing tests in agile teams with XRay

3- How our experts can help you ?

If you are looking for test management expertise and tools,or to deploy XRay for Jira, you can rely on our experts DC CONSULTANTS, expert in agile testing tools and privileged partner of the editors of various solutions. 

Three thousand beneficiaries, including 200 CIOs and CIOs consulted, benefit from our Agile methodologies.

Our Agile teams use an all-in-one approach to offer you integrated quality in the development of your products.

Contact our service to ask for more advice.

4- About us

DC CONSULTANTS is the pure-player agility consulting firm, which has been supporting companies in all sectors in managing their projects since 2013! For professionals and decision makers in charge of delivering projects and leading a Lean Agile or devops transformation, reduce their TTM, improve the quality of their products, DC CONSULTANTS offers consulting services, tools, training, with support of Agile Coaches, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Tools experts, etc. DC CONSULTANTS’ offer makes it possible to lean an agile transformation easily, to train, motivate and empower teams and to deliver projects more quickly and efficiently.

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