5 JIRA Tips to adopt for 2020 and further

No project runs without issues and management. Hence, the effectiveness of issue tracking and resolving decides the success of any project. Moreover, today, teams are stranded and working from home. Scrummasters and project managers are toiling to get their teams to act timely upon the identified issues. 

Benefits of using JIRA agile tool

JIRA, provided by ATLASSIAN, is the leading tool for agile project management and issue management.

When using JIRA, an evolved and best issue tracking & project management tool,  

  • The teams can easily track, record, assign, and prioritise the User Stories, tasks, bugs/issues
  • You shall keep the respective team members informed about the statuses
  • Each of you can adapt to WFH situations without compromising on productivity and quality
  • You can save time when applying the JIRA hacks

4- About us

1- 5 JIRA tips for 2020

#1 “ga” Shortcut 

Most often, the users close the boards unintentionally and end up searching the last seen board. In this case, when you type “ga” in JIRA, the software takes you from any of the present screens to your recently visited agile board.

#2 Quick Filters JIRA tricks

This helps in customising your board according to your view by making necessary changes in the board settings. You can create quick filters in the configuration menu of the board.

#3 “a” & “i” Shortcuts

If you want to assign yourself an issue, select that issue and press “i”.

Press “a” if you want to open the assigned dialogue.

#4 Flag a story

If you want to highlight a particular backlog on priority, you can add an orange flag by right-clicking that issue. This makes it visible and grabs the attention of the team members.

#5 The use of period “.”

Anywhere from the JIRA application, you can initiate actions like creating, converting, etc. by pressing the period and start typing the possible action you intend to take.

2 - Other hacks ?

We provide free content and knowledge about JIRA and tools : meetups, webinars, reports ! We also provide tools coaching, JIRA deployment, training, delivered by our team of experts, knowing the secret formula to catalyze transformations with the right tools.

If you want to be part of the JIRA Digital Catalysts Community, just write to us and we’ll show you the way !

3- Why we are the best?

DC CONSULTANTS, being the trusted solutions partner of Atlassian (the mother of JIRA), we have already helped CEOs, CIOs, HRs, Team Managers, Product Managers, Scrum masters, and Heads of Transformation in the UK and Europe to deploy JIRA and other agile tools. Our JIRA consulting experts offer adequate coaching and guidance for end-to-end JIRA implementation.

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4- About us

DC CONSULTANTS is the pure-player agility consulting firm, which has been supporting companies in all sectors in managing their projects since 2013! For professionals and decision makers in charge of delivering projects and leading a Lean Agile or devops transformation, reduce their TTM, improve the quality of their products, DC CONSULTANTS offers consulting services, tools, training, with support of Agile Coaches, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Tools experts, etc. DC CONSULTANTS’ offer makes it possible to lean an agile transformation easily, to train, motivate and empower teams and to deliver projects more quickly and efficiently.

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