How to manage your Portfolios and Programs with LPM (Lean Portfolio Management)?

Project Portfolio Management is a practice that companies use to streamline the means and align the objectives and prepare the necessary resources for each project.

In the case of multiple simultaneous projects, PPM is used to ensure that they are all sufficiently tracked and completed on time and within budget.

Comment gérer ses Portfolios et Programmes avec le LPM (Lean Portfolio Management) ?

1- The difficulties of portfolio management for companies

Many large executives often encounter issues in portfolio management, especially in the project estimation phase.

If your schedule is not properly defined in advance, along with the resources and costs required, you risk going way over budget.
The problem with traditional approaches is that decisions are often made based on the lowest bid. This leads to inaccurate or poorly thought-out estimates by project managers. Regardless of the nature of your investment, always remember that something may happen during the project that will cause you or your client to change the design.

Lack of organization and communication is also at the center of many unexpected cost increases.

As a result, agile transformation for a SAFe portfolio today can keep up with the challenges demanded by today’s market.

2 - Managing your portfolio with Lean Portfolio Management

LPM (Lean Portfolio Management) is a process to align, communicate and define strategy. This is achieved through the Lean-Agile approach that allows you to manage your portfolio in a smarter and more modern way. The LPM function is the most scalable solution in terms of organizing the financing of your strategy and investment.

LPM will bring you new practices and a new mindset to manage better services and products.

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3- How our experts can help you ?

DC Consultants, expert in the implementation of Agile methodologies and tools based on LPM, provides you the best expers to deploy and develop with these skills for a better management of your portfolios.

We help you to instantly monitor the status of your portfolios by integrating an LPM tool into your JIRA software or by implementing a project/portfolio solution.
This will allow you to avoid budget overruns, better manage your schedule and detect your priorities faster.
You will also be able to identify important business initiatives for the future of your project.
We will also show you which initiatives to prioritize and which will allow you to obtain the maximum economic benefit.

Contact our service to ask for more advice.

4- About us

DC CONSULTANTS is the pure-player agility consulting firm, which has been supporting companies in all sectors in managing their projects since 2013! For professionals and decision makers in charge of delivering projects and leading a Lean Agile or devops transformation, reduce their TTM, improve the quality of their products, DC CONSULTANTS offers consulting services, tools, training, with support of Agile Coaches, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Tools experts, etc. DC CONSULTANTS’ offer makes it possible to lean an agile transformation easily, to train, motivate and empower teams and to deliver projects more quickly and efficiently.

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