5 Reasons for Calling an Agile coach in times of Crisis

Amidst COVID-19 crisis across the globe, most organisations have continued to opt for work from home. During this outbreak, it is indispensable to call for an agile coach to effectively manage the remotely working teams and keep track of productivity.

5 Good Reasons

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1- Bring a change / WFH conformation

Bring a change
A manager or CEO always works with the teams and might have already developed perceptions.
However, an outsourced agile coach or agile consulting team’s observations shall be neutral and valuable enough to take any crucial decisions, including restructuring or regrouping.

WFH conformation
Suddenly sticking to a WFH culture may seem to be a nightmare to the scrum masters or CEOs.
An agile coach comes to the rescue and helps them well-execute the new remote working style by offering agile methods, guides, and protocols.

2 - Measure the agility / Constant support / Versatility and Expertise

Measure the agility
A professional coach can help you evaluate the agile implementation practices and track whether things are in line with the objectives, even in times of crisis.
They also shall suggest tailored agile solutions to achieve the goals of the organisation.

Constant support
An agile consultant or coach acts as your own team member providing continued support at both individual and team levels when HRs and other managers address the crisis and issues.
At an individual level, they leverage technical & interpersonal skills.
At a team level, they leverage productivity & efficiency.

Versatility and Expertise
Agile coaches might have gained immense expertise throughout their varied experiences working with different products, teams, fields, and domains.
This makes them understand better your present challenges due to unexpected exigencies and provide the best possible solutions in a short time.

3- Our way of doing

We don’t just blah! blah! We smartly intervene and catalyse your projects to create value and success with our transparent and innovative agile consulting/coaching and agile methods.

Our professionals at DC CONSULTANTS have successfully assisted various C-levels, product teams, HRs, scrum masters, CEOs, and CIOs in the past couple of years.

Are you ready for the agile transformation?
Now, the ball is in your court!

4- About us

DC CONSULTANTS is the pure-player agility consulting firm, which has been supporting companies in all sectors in managing their projects since 2013! For professionals and decision makers in charge of delivering projects and leading a Lean Agile or devops transformation, reduce their TTM, improve the quality of their products, DC CONSULTANTS offers consulting services, tools, training, with support of Agile Coaches, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Tools experts, etc. DC CONSULTANTS’ offer makes it possible to lean an agile transformation easily, to train, motivate and empower teams and to deliver projects more quickly and efficiently.

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