Animate an Agile Retrospective with DAKI Retrospective

Retrospective Agile DAKI / Drop Add Keep Improve

Here is a simple way of doing an agile Retrospective event, called DAKI !

Meaning Drop Add Keep Improve, it is a good tool for gathering ideas and data about agile practices and values.

It will help teams to think and understand each other, and take a moment to analyze their practices.

You’ll be able to get insights and take actions to improve your agile practices.

Here is the blank DAKI board


Activities that you do and you should stop doing.


Activities that you should add to your practice within the Squad.


Activities that you are already doing, and that work well. Just keep it doing !


Activities that you are already doing, but you could improve them.

Running the activity :

– Put the blank 4 blocks on a wall or shared virtual space
– Make groups of 2, and let your team think about the 4 points during 5 to 10 minutes. Make them write their ideas on sticky notes / virtual notes.
– Let the groups add their notes by activity : Drop / Add / Keep / Improve 
– Let the discussion and collaboration
– After that, chose collaboratively or vote for 2 subjects that you want to take as priorities
– Take 1 or 2 actions about these subjects 


Here is a sample result of a retrospective using this DAKI activity :

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